What can I do if I can’t resolve a conflict with my child’s teacher?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Lee Dorman discusses what to do if you as a parent have a conflict with your child’s teacher that cannot be resolved.

    Host: What can I do if I can't resolve a conflict with my child's teacher?

    Lee Dorman: If you're unable to resolve a conflict with your child's teacher, you really do have a responsibility to figure out someway to get along with that teacher. You and the teacher can either agree to disagree on one particular issue or you as a parent can ask perhaps to speak to a guidance counselor, perhaps the guidance counselor can intercede and help you resolve the problem with the teacher.

    You also have the opportunity to call the administrator of your school and ask to speak to the administrator and see if the administrator can help you to resolve the difficulty with that teacher.