What can I do right now to prepare for a career?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed Professional Counselor Karen Chopra discusses what you can do in college to prepare for a career.


    ""O$$$$$$$$------$hFBj$$jjB$$Wj$$j$`fetm09X990$0T"v'$$$BB$$$jjjj\Karen James Chopra: I am Karen James Chopra, I am a career counselor in Washington DC. And now we are going to talk about ways that you can prepare for your career.

    Host: What can I do right now to prepare for a career?

    Karen James Chopra: Right now, you can take a variety of classes whether it is former college classes or just classes that you take in the evenings or on the weekends to develop skills and also to understand more, how you like to operate in the world of work. You can maybe so an internship or shadowing assignment. You can spend time taking advantage of professors, especially adjunct professors who are professionals in their field and coming on campus to lecture, to talk to them about what is it that they do and to get their thoughts on perhaps who else you should be talking to and finally you can be collecting research articles. Whenever you see an article or whenever you find a website that looks really interesting, just get a little according folder, anything that seems to be interesting to you about careers; take that information and just tuck it into your accordion folder. And then when you get ready to really focus on what you want to do next, you got a lovely pile of information about all of the things that caught your fancy and all the websites and all the articles that might be useful to you as you go forward. -EH"Y]ruX[`"MPNO3/4h5h5CJOJQJaJh4CJOJQJaJh"*h"*CJOJQJaJh"*h:eCJOJQJaJhtCJOJQJaJh5CJOJQJaJh:eCJOJQJaJ)O$a$gd:eO,1h/ =!

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