What can I do to be better prepared for the SAT test day?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, lists a few ideas for preparing for the test day.

    Host: What can I do to be better prepared for the SAT test day?

    Laura Rheinauer: To be better prepared on test day make sure you have everything you need. You are going to want to make sure to pack yourself a snack, good, healthy one, maybe some nuts in there for energy, drinking water or maybe a Gatorade something like that. You have to want to make sure you have got your registration ticket; don't leave that at home, bring photo ID, bring those number two pencils, a nice softy eraser, calculator, extra batteries and a watch.

    So make sure you have got all your stuff ready, ready to go. My last and most important piece of advice for test day is; eat breakfast. It's so important to get your energy up because you are going to be there from 7:45 until 1 o'clock. Actually, I have a really good true story that happened when I took the SAT. I have a friend, he shall remain nameless, he actually did not eat breakfast and he passed out during the SAT. Dead cold, fell to the ground, passed out, rushed to the nurse's office, amazingly, he was to able to finish the test and thus getting a decent score on it and got into a great college and now has a good job so everything worked down in the end, but probably how can he feel so good when his head banged against the cold ground. So take advantage, eat breakfast, be relaxed, don't go rushing around, shoving the food in your mouth, sit and have a nice leisurely one.

    Another great test day advice is to take advantage of those breaks. It's really easy to think, "Oh, it's a break. I am going to put my head down on the table or just sit back.

    " Stand up; when you get up and you walk around you get the blood flowing back up to your brain, back down to your stomach, take advantage of snack breaks, pop some sugar and move on and also make sure you know how to fill in the scantron on test day. That's a big prep advice. If you are looking at and you don't even know that A goes in bubbled an A you are already at a disadvantage so just make sure you know how to test is set up and how to answer the questions and you will be fine on test day.