What can I do to maximize my resume’s effectiveness online?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark talks about how to create the best resume online.

    Host: What can I do to maximize my resumes effectiveness online?

    Louise Kursmark: If you are applying online that s the opportunity that you have to match your resumes as closely as possible to the specific position, so that you are going to be screened in through an automated search. So, that will be a good time to do that, to do some resume editing so that you are great fit for the positions that you are applying for. Another thing and this really is a much more sophisticated look at thing. This is a way to do career management and not just job search and that means for you to understand who you are online and build the profile and the perception and the visibility that you have online, so that the employers are finding you and you maybe you don t have to go out and look for them. That s a lot to do with brand management, they has a lot to do with creating that online profile and it is a sophisticated higher level skill. But I do encourage you to pursue in master because as we get more and more digital this is going to become more and more important and employers are using all the time, things like Google searches to look for employes to screen out employes and you want to be visible, you want to be consistent and you want to have the right message coming across, no matter how the employer finds you.