What can I do with an object I own made with dangerous plastics?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator with the Center for Health, Environment and Justice explains what you can do with dangerous plastics that you already own.

    Host: What can I do with an object I own, made with dangerous plastics?

    Michael Schade: What you should do to it is to you should mail it back or return it to the store that you purchased it from and include a letter. It doesn't have to be a long letter, but a brief note saying that, 'As a consumer that I am concerned about you as a manufacturer or you as a retailer selling a product that's toxic to workers and communities and can be potentially harmful for my children and my families.

    ' So that's really the best thing that you can do is by help us by sending a message that the company that sells this product and let them know that as a consumer, that you want safer products and that you would like to see them to be a leader in transitioning to safer products. So that's one thing that you can do.

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