What can identity thieves do with my personal information?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Consumer education expert Linda Sherry discusses what identity thieves can do with my personal information.

    Speaker: What can identity thieves do with personal information?

    Linda Sherry:There are many things that crooks can do when they get a hold of your personal information. Some of these things include, for instance, a crook could get a driver's license in your name. They could go out drunk driving. They could give that the driver's license that has your name on it to the cop. So that in fact when they got out of prison you would be the one with a criminal record, not the person who is posing as you.

    They could open up a bank account in your name. They could pass bad checks all over the place and then leave abandoning the bank account, leaving you to deal with the mess. They could get credit cards in your name. They can then go out and buy all kinds of things and use the credit card in your name, which will end up in the end on your credit report and you'll be asked to pay for all these things, until you are able to prove that you are victim of identity theft.