What Cat Show Ribbons Stand For

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Allison Howard with the Cat Fanciers Association explains what each ribbon award stands for at a cat show competition.

    Allison Howard: Hi! I am Allison with the Cat Fanciers' Association. Cat shows award special ribbons to the best cats. But what do each of the ribbons mean? Here are the different awards that cats can get for strutting their stuff at a show.

    In a cat show there are three classes; kittens, championship, and premiership. Cats under 8 months of age can enter as a kitten and when older can show in the championship if a breeding cat or the premiership class if spayed or neutered.

    A judge will evaluate cats in all classes and award a blue first place ribbon to the best male and female for each color class or group of cats with the same color code. The judge may also award red second place ribbons, and yellow third place ribbons for each male and female runner up.

    The judge then repeats the process with cats that have accumulated winning points over the course of one or more cat shows. These high-scoring cats are called grand champions and grand premieres.

    The judge awards first, second and third place ribbons for each male and female in each color class.

    Cats can also be awarded a black ribbon for being the best of color class or the best cat compared to other cats with the same color code, or a white ribbon for being second best of color class.

    After the breed division and color class competitions the Judge awards a brown ribbon for the cat who is best of breed or division, and an orange for being second best of breed or division among all the cats. A purple ribbon is awarded for being the best champion and best premier cat of their breed or division. With this purple ribbon, cats can earn points to compete as grand champions and grand premiers.

    Household pets or domestic cats, both young and adult are judged in one group without regard to sex, age, coat length, or color but are evaluated on their uniqueness, good health, and vitality. Each cat competing in the household pet class is awarded a red and white ribbon merit award.

    A final round is held to judge the best cat or kitten of each class. Rosettes are awarded to the top ten or top 15 best cats or kittens. This final competition is one of the most exciting and every cat and handler hopes to be top cat.

    Now that you know all the awards cats can earn in competition, visit one of your local cat shows or team up with your own Feline friend to compete.