What diet should a pregnant woman adhere to?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. John Schmitt provides tips on eating a balanced diet during pregnancy.
    Host: What diet should a pregnant woman adhere to? Dr. John Schmitt: Again, I am very flexible about diets. I think diets need to be balanced and not shifted to one thing. I think a good, healthy diet, but especially in early pregnancy when there maybe food aversions and things like that, they need to look very carefully at foods or things in their diet that promote nausea and stuff like that and really avoid those things.So I like to recommend diets higher in protein, complex carbohydrates, stand away from the really fatty foods and the very rich foods and then small, frequent feedings instead of large meals. Try not to overfill your stomach. Avoid wide swings in blood sugar where you are having a big meal and going hours without eating again and you feel terrible because you become hypoglycemic. If you eat small, frequent meals or snacks, you will feet a lot better and some fruits walking around with the apples things like that toast, crackers, for protein, lean non-fried meats, things like that potatoes, rice that kind of stuff.