What do I need to know about her finger size?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diamond expert Ronnie Mervis discusses how to buy an engagement ring, including how to size the ring correctly.

    Ronnie Mervis

    Ronnie Mervis is co-owner of Mervis Diamond Importers - the leading diamond dealer in the Washington area for the past 30 years. Voted the "Best Place to Buy a Diamond” in the Washingtonpost.com Readers' Choice BEST BETS contest and selected in 2006 for having the best wedding rings in W*USA9’s A-List Top 100 of Washington, DC’s Best Local Businesses, Mervis Diamond Importers is known for supplying their outstanding diamonds to tens of thousands of happy clients each year. With a direct link to the diamond-producing centers of South Africa, Mervis offers wholesale pricing, guaranteeing their customers great value while their commitment to customer service ensures an enjoyable buying experience. Mervis Diamond Importers offers three marvelous showrooms in Tysons Corner, Virginia, downtown Washington, DC and Chevy Chase, Maryland. Coming soon will be a fourth showroom located in Rockville, Maryland. Ronnie handles the company's marketing and public relations on a very active and personal basis. His familiar accent is heard daily on over thirty radio stations, stretching from Baltimore to Richmond.

    Speaker: What do I need to know about her finger size?

    Ronnie Mervis: Well, it s going to be important in the end, that s not important in the beginning. Amazing thing about woman s fingers, and I guess that s the part of the women I know best, is that they re all pretty much of the same size. Our standard size is six-and-a-half and we find that with most women, irrespective whether they re tall or short, or fat or thin, most fingers are about to six-and-a-half or within a very narrow range from six-and-a-half. Most times if it s going to be less than six-and-a-half, it s not going to go more than one-and-a-half down to five and it was going to go up, it s not going to be more in one-and-a-half, I think the size is, which would go to on eight. So, between five and eight, centering around six-and-a-half, we have most fingers covered.

    The standard sized ring, which is six-and-a-half can easily be reduced to a five or increased to an eight. Just like when you buy a pair of trousers at your departmental store that happens with your leg size right before you get in there, if everything else is right the leg size is adjusted. We do that too. Now, if you can get her finger size before you come in, great. Maybe you can steal her favorite ring for a day or so, make an excuse that there is a prong that has to be straightened or you re going to do her a favor and get it cleaned, sneak it off to your favorite jeweler that s us we hope, get it sized, and then you ve got it. Then we will go straight to size at the same time that we size the diamond. But if we don t have the finger size, it doesn t matter, because we just going to guess the six-and-a-half would be approximately right and if it s not we can do the fine adjustment after you ve given it to her.

    We ll be close enough that she can wear it, and if it s too big she can wear it on a bigger finger, in the middle finger, if it s too small wear it in the baby finger. So, you can always get away with it for the moment, and then bring her in, we ll be glad to look at the ring, size of finger, and adjust the ring to the correct size. Again, not an issue to worry about.