What Do I Need To Know Before I Have Lasik?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Jeff Machat, President and LASIK surgeon of Crystal Clear Vision, discusses what patients need to know before moving forward with LASIK eye surgery.

    Dr. Jeffery J. Machat: Hello! I am Dr. Jeff Machat, Medical Director of Crystal Clear Vision. Today I am going to discuss what you need to know before you have a LASIK procedure. Every patient has their own reason for wanting LASIK, from sports and careers, to feeling safe and secure in emergency situations, but they must balance their deep desire to be free of glasses and contact lenses with their fear of surgery. Be sure to find a surgeon with significant surgical experience, more specifically experience in the procedure that they require. Always consult at least two LASIK surgeons. Every patient must ensure that they have a full eye examination by their optometrist to confirm the health of their eye and the stability of their prescription before LASIK is considered. The next item is the technology and the technique the LASIK surgeon will use to perform surgery. LASIK is not a single procedure and there is no single technique or approach that all good surgeons use. The best approach is to ask your optometrist. But in general the LASIK flap should be created with a femtosecond laser rather than a bladed microkeratome and a prescription correction performed with a wavefront or custom pattern to reduce night vision problems and improve your odds for high quality vision. Today the best reference to finding a great LASIK surgeon is another eye doctor. Advertising tells you very little except perhaps that the surgeon receives most of their patients from advertising, rather than word-of-mouth referrals which are considered the strongest endorsement. Websites are wonderful for gathering information but usually give few specifics, such as what laser technology is used at the clinic or which LASIK technique is usually performed. Not even price or complications are usually explained in any detail. Websites explain in general, consultation is more specific to your. Your optometrist will always know who are the best LASIK surgeons, and the best question to ask them is who would you go to?

    So that's what you need to know before having a LASIK procedure.