What do I say in my essays?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses what to say in a business school essay.

    David Petersam: Hi! I am David Petersam. I am the President of AdmissionsConsultants and now we are going to talk about the business school essays.

    Host: What do I say in my essays?

    David Petersam: There are number of potential topics that applicants can cover in their essays. A few things I need to make sure that cover somewhere are why they want an MBA? Why they want an MBA from that particular school? Why they want their MBA at this point in their career and what they have to contribute to that school. What they mostly needed to do, look at their profile, examine their strengths and their weaknesses. Find out if there is any weaknesses that they have to address and if so mitigate them. Highlight their strengths and then find that distinguishing while factoring the story themes and try to bring them out in those essays as well. For the most part the biggest challenge with the essays are there is more that they want to write about when they have space in their applications. So the key is prioritizing and making sure they cover the most important points.