What do my values have to do with my career?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Licensed Professional Counselor Karen Chopra explains the correlation between your values and your career.


    ""f,,,,,,,,LNNNNNN$"h#Frr,,rrr,,r,,LrL, p1$ge"[email protected],0"~,,,rr,,,rrrr\Karen James Chopra: I am Karen James Chopra. I am a career counselor in Washington DC. And now I'm going to talk about, how you put all this information about yourself together in a useful way for identifying a career that is right for you.

    Host: Can you give me one trick that can help me start on the right road?

    Karen James Chopra: The trick that I enjoy using with clients most is one of, taking piece of paper and writing down ten or eleven careers that would be most enjoyable, regardless of whether you have any skills or abilities in that area, regardless of how much money you can make. Just list out the things that you would love to do if money were no object and training and skills were no object. And once you got that list, sit down and look at what those jobs have in common. It's not just set up the job itself, but it's what the jobs have in common, are they all jobs that are outside, are they all jobs that in the arts, are they all jobs focused on helping people. It doesn't actually even need to be every single job on the list. If you can identify four or five jobs that seem to be outside, then I would list being outside as something that is important for you in a job. And come up with a list of six or seven things that is important to you and then use that as a shelter for looking at all of the want ads and all the potential jobs that are out there.


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