What happens if I fail to plan?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Estate Expert Willima Conway discusses what happens if you fail to plan.

    Host: What happens if I fail to plan?

    William Conway: Well, the failure to plan is clearly the first mistake and that is the biggest and most common mistake that people make of all. People assume that certain elements of their property is going to move to others simply because they thought that others believe that the planning that they did by using joint tenants rights of survivorship with their husband, wife or other family members or by using beneficiary designations is sufficient enough to plan. The real answer is that by failing to plan we leave awful lots of chance and what we are trying to of course, is reduce the possibility of having the result we do not want which very often, is the worst result and we want to make sure that we ensure the result we do want which is the best result.