What if I as a parent have a conflict with my child’s teacher?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Lee Dorman discusses what to do if you as a parent have a conflict with your child’s teacher.

    Host: What if I as a parent have a conflict with my child's teacher?

    Lee Dorman: If you should find that you have a conflict with an individual teacher who teaches your child, you really do need to resolve that conflict. You need to call the teacher and tell the teacher that you really do disagree perhaps it's with the routine in the classroom, perhaps it's the way they are conducting a class, perhaps it's the way that they are doing projects, and maybe that you don't understand, the child has not given you the correct information, it maybe that you just simply disagree. You may disagree as far as how something was handled between two students.

    You need to call your teacher and tell the teacher that you have a disagreement which you would really like to try and settle. Go in, talk with the teacher, see if the two of you can problem solve between you what's going on. If you walk out of that conference, still not satisfied, you should also understand that you do have the right to call in administrator and to talk with the administrator about the difficulty that you're having with your child's teacher. But let me suggest that you start with the teacher and not with the administrator, because like everybody, teachers would like to think that they could problem solve through difficulties with parents without having an administrator involved at the very beginning.