What if I don’t like fruits and vegetables?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Elizabeth Rahavi discusses what to do if you don’t like fruits and vegetables.

    Host: What if I don't like fruits and vegetables?

    Elizabeth Rahavi: If you don't like fruits and vegetables, the good news is they come in so many different flavors, taste and varieties that you are likely to be able to find one that you enjoy eating. Somebody who doesn't like sliced tomatoes may enjoy having a baked tomato or some spaghetti sauce or even tomato soup. I don't particularly care for raisins by themselves but if you throw it into some white rice peel off, I will eat it any day of the week. The key is to be adventurous and to find the things that you enjoy and to prepare foods different ways until you find what you like best.