What if I gain weight after I quit smoking?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tobacco Treatment Specialist Eletta Hansen discusses weight gain after you quit smoking.

    Host: What if I gain weight after I quit smoking?

    Eletta Hansen: It is important to be vigilant and eating healthy, metabolically most people do not gain more than five to ten pounds after quitting smoking, many people say they smoke just to keep the weight off, but really and truly there is no reason to gain more than the five to ten pounds for most people. What generally happens is that both our sense and our taste improve when we quit smoking and so food tastes better.

    People begin to like things and they tend to over eat. They tend to reward themselves with too much ice-cream, too much junk food rather than really thinking about a healthy diet with limited portions. Be vigilant, do not over eat when you quit smoking.