What if we are spiritual, but not religious?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran discusses what to do if you are spiritual but not religious.

    Host: What if we are spiritual but not religious?

    Rev. Bill Cochran: I get that question a lot. In fact a lot of couple say well, we are not religious and my response to them is I am not either but then we have to define what that means. My simple definition and some of you make take issue with me but my simple definition is that, Religion is people using God to control others and it even spills over into weddings. Spiritual really talks about a persons private intimate internal spirituality and connection to God or in the case of different religion to at least that other being out there that they recognize as the supreme being. So when a couple says we are spiritual what they are saying to me is they really want some spiritual elements in there wedding. They are open to prayers and they are even open maybe to use a scripture, but they do not wanted to be abused.

    I have heard so many of those stories that I can quickly recognize what they are saying when they ask that question. But it's important to listen carefully as an Officiant to what the couple is saying really is important to them. Spiritual could mean some other -- say worshiping the earth or something like that, but remember Officiants in my category are here to work for the bride and groom. So it is important for us to listen to what they want and not argue with them, to give them what they want and help them to have a really great celebration in their wedding ceremony.