What is a co-parenting relationship?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Family-law attorney John Spiegel discusses the co-parenting relationship, or the new relationship parents have after a divorce.

    Host: What is a co-parenting relationship?

    John Spiegel: Co-parenting relationship refers to the relationship that married people have or parents after there marriage ends, after they separate, after they divorce. If people would think about it as the kind of relationship that they would like to have at work. In other words a co-parenting relationship like a relationship you would have at your office, is a relationship that is focused for the most part on getting the work done, getting it done well and getting it done in an enjoyable way. It is not a relationship where all the personal parts of your life are expressed. It is not the place where you look for the deepest level of emotional support. It is focused on getting specific task done.