What is a debt management plan?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial Expert Linda Stroman explains what a debt management is and what are the priorities in eliminating debt.

    My name is Linda Stroman and I am the financial education coordinator for Capital Area Asset Builders located in Washington D.

    C. and in this segment, we are going to talk about understanding our options and one of the option we are going to talk about is the Debt Elimination Plan, a Debt Management Plan and what we are going to cover is basically what is the Debt Management Plan, what are the priorities in eliminating debt, what expenses should we look at first? We are going to talk about how can we do this on our own? Do have to listen to the help of other outside agencies or can we do this on our own? Then, lastly we are going to talk about why interest rate is so important when you are looking at your debt elimination process. Host: What is a Debt Management Plan?

    Linda Stroman: A Debt Management Plan is normally a long-term strategy for eliminating a debt especially, if you are in a very deteriorating situation where your debt is excessive. So, it is looking at basically, a whole snapshot of your financial up health and looking at what are some of the things that you need to do different. So, how do you need to -- what debts do you need to eliminate, how to go about doing that, what debts take priority because some debts you want to make sure are knocked fast than the others. Looking at interest rates, looking at how -- what is the timeframe in getting rid of your debts. So, basically, you are sitting down and looking at how you can make some changes to it in taking the burden of excessive debt off of you.