What is a good tip for the essay section of the SAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, offers a few tips on the writing portion of the test.

    Host: What is a good tip for the essay section of the SAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: The very first section on the SAT is the essay and that's going to give you an excerpt from some type of reading passage or literature or kind of that and it's going to pose to you basically do you agree or disagree with this topic. You are going to pick a stance, pick one, don't stand on the fence and as to support your reasoning, use examples from yourself, examples from others, history, literature, current events, research you have done in school. When you start thinking about the essay, take time to brainstorm and plan it out instead of just driving right in and starting to write. You have got 25 minutes, it's not meant to be a perfect copy, so glance over, move over your thoughts. A great first strategy is to draw a little graphic organizer to get your thoughts down on paper, get it into a logical follow-up of events, real easy. Let's say, yes, I do agree with the topic and my three supporting details, one will be from me, another will be from the art lesson at school and the other one is going to be from the Shakespeare play 'Hamlet.

    ' That's just real quick for me to remember as I am writing my essay that these were my three supporting details.

    So there's your graphic organizer and now you are ready to start writing. Be careful with your handwriting. This is going to be read by folks that have never read your handwriting before. So make sure it's clear and that's its legible. After you have finished your essay always go back and proofread. You are not done until you have proofread. Make sure it's free of grammar and spelling mistakes and employs proper punctuation as well.