What is a home study?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eliza Nieman from the Barker Foundation discusses what a home study is during an adoption.

    Host: What is a home study?

    Eliza Niemann: Well, a home study is many things; number one, it's considered a legal document that s about eight to ten pages long ultimately and it allows a family to be able to adopt a child, whether you are adopting internationally or domestically, using a public agency or private agency, in most adoption situations a family will need a home study to be able to have a child placed with them. The home study is conducted primarily by agencies that are licensed in your state and it's very important that you work with an agency that s licensed in your state of residence and each state has different requirements and so what one state might require of one family, another state might not require of another family. So that s why it's important to contact your local agencies to see what services and requirements they have.