What is a Solar Electric System?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    SolarWorld Authorized Installer Keith Knowles explains what the components of a solar electric system are and how they work together.

    Keith Knowles: Hi, my name is Keith Knowles with LiveLight Energy. I am a licensed solar contractor and an authorized installer for solar world, Americas largest manufacture of PV Panels. I am here to help you learn how to incorporate solar electricity into your home and today, we are going to learn about PV or solar electric system and see how it works. Lets go find out more.

    A solar electric system converts sunlight directly into electricity that you can use in your home or put back on the grid. The basic technology used in the solar panel is called Photovoltaic or PV. Even on cloudy days a PV system is still working just to at a proportionately reduced level. Most people stay connected to the utility grid and reduce their electric bills through net metering, which we'll talk more about later so you do not need to worry about batteries or what to do at night.

    A solar PV system is made up of three components, first the solar panels. A typical system on a home will require 6 to 30 of these panels. The next is an inverter, it's important to select a high quality inverter that is sized to run the panels properly and lastly, as a good racking system it is designed specifically for solar electric systems. Unless you happen to be an electrician you may not be installing these systems yourself, but it's important to understand what parts and pieces go into a system so that you can evaluate bits and make good decisions.