What is a “vow-writing” date?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way describes how to plan an at-home “date” to brainstorm ideas together for writing your vows.

    Host: What is a vow-writing date?

    Bill Cochran: A vow-writing date is probably the best part of this whole deal. It's where the two of you sit down together over a nice meal and reminisce. Now, the meal could be at your favorite restaurant but often times restaurants are noisy and the waiter or waitress, they don't intend to bother you, but they are trying to serve you and that interrupts the conversation. So, I suggest the best place to do would be at home.

    Cook a special meal, two of you sit down over this meal with pen in hand and plenty of paper and start processing together. Some of the questions you would want to ask would be how did we first meet or who introduced us or how did this whole thing began and then in the process you would want to ask, When did we officially start dating? When there was the first time I said, I love you, when was the first kiss, did we ever break up and then when did we make up and how did we do that? What are our significant events or people or places in the development of this relationship that were unique to us.

    Hopefully by processing some of these questions, they will help you to remember back and it also prompts you remember why you are going through all this bother of getting married anyway. It's a lot of work and your vows can really make it special by having that vows date and working on some ideas that will help you in starting to write your vows.