What is adoration?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains what adoration is.

    Host: What is Adoration?

    Rev. Joseph McCloskey: I adore you Christ and I bless you because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world and I am reduced to utter silence before our love that could be so crazy. How is it possible that people could treat my God this way? How could God love me so much that he will want me to see in a way I will never forget that he is willing to make up for all the dumb things I have ever done in my life? How can I face a God that loves me so much he wants to die for me? But as you know, it is much more vivid to me in Philippians 2. How can I respond to a God that loves me so much that he wants to be one of me? Not just something one with me, but he is, but the humanness of Christ, God is one with us. How can I love a God that loves us so much that he is willing to give his son to die for me? I don't know if any of you have ever seen a ballpark where someone holds up the sign John 316. God so loved the world that he gave us his only son for our salvation. It's a craziness. It is a scandal to the Jews and it was a stupidity to the Gentiles. How can -- I look at strength and I am grateful to God that in the nation that is the strongest nation that has ever existed in the history of the human race that has the power to destroy the whole human race in itself and to self-destruct and I look and I say, "I am using 80% of the energies and the possessions of the world and I only make up 5% of the population of this world and how can I be so selfish and how can this God so bless me that I belong to a group of people that have so much and don't even appreciate what they give in what they have by destroying things around?

    " Then how do I look at my responsibility to all this? How am I responding to all of this and what is this relationship that I have with this God who loves so much adoration that it almost looks like God adores us?

    He loves us so much that he wants to be one of us and do I adore this God? There is a famous prayer 'Adoro Te Devote' I adore you oh God and I love you because by your only cross you have redeemed the world. It's a powerful prayer because what it is doing is it's saying that there was someone out there that was willing to make up for all the dumbness of all the dummies of a whole dumb world or to make to it all beautiful again and it is love for his father. 1