What is an active duty military alert?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Consumer education expert Linda Sherry discusses an active duty military alert.

    Speaker: What is an Active Duty Military Alert?

    Linda Sherry: An Active Duty Military Alert is a great thing for people who serve in the military to know about. It's an extra protection so that when our service members go overseas or go on active duty, they aren't able all the time to monitor their credit reports and credit accounts and credit card statements and all of that as easily once they are overseas on active duty.

    So what they can do is they can call up the credit reporting bureau's and they can put an active military alert. This will make sure that they don't get any unsolicited offers of credit that come in the mail, that thieves could take advantage of and they will make sure that anyone that tries to open credit in their name, if it they are alerted to the fact that this person is overseas at this moment.