What Is An Omnivore?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Science expert Emerald Robinson explains what an omnivore is and shares some examples.

    Emerald Robinson: Hi! I am Emerald Robinson and in this What Is Video we will answer the question, what are the Omnivores? And Omnivores is an organism that relies on diet of both plant and animal tissue for nutrition. Omnivores are Heterotrophs, which means they cannot make their own food and get nutrition by eating other organisms. Omnivores occupy several different places in the food web. If an Omnivores eats herbivores (the organism that eat plants) the Omnivores is called a Secondary Consumer. If they eat other Omnivores or meat eating Carnivores they are called Tertiary consumers. Omnivores can be predators and hunt for food, scavengers and eat dead animal or Foragers in search for food like eggs and fruit. Because they eat both meat and plant tissue Omnivores share many of the adaptation of both carnivores and herbivores. Often Omnivores have teeth that tear meat as well as molars necessary to grind a mash plant matter. Omnivores have a fairly simple digestive system thats able to break down protein like Carnivores.

    They have special portion of their large intestine thats adapted to help digest plant material like herbivores. However, Omnivores are different herbivores because they lack the ability to completely digest cellulose the tough carbohydrate that is a major component of plant tissue. Instead Omnivores have a Biochemical called Amylase in their saliva and digestive tracks that enables them to digest other plant molecules like starch. There are benefits to being an Omnivore, for example; Omnivores survive more readily when theyre changes in the environment, if a bear is unable to finding meat to eat, it will be able to exist on berries fruit or roots. Although there is a lot of debate about what the best diet is for human we are scientifically classified as Omnivores. Anthropologists who studied human ancestors had determined that weve been Omnivores for thousands of years.