What is credit?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Credit expert Vikki Frank describes what credit is, as the decision of a business to lend you money.


    ""\\hVXXXXXX$h-V||'"[email protected]<||"\Hi, my name is Vikki Frank, Executive Director of Credit Builders Alliance. We are a new non-profit helping support community based organizations, working as a financial services and micro enterprise and home buyer industries help their clients build better credits. Today, I am going to talk about how important a credit is as a financial asset in today's economy and in your life, what credit is, how credit is different than debt, the different rights that consumers have around credit and credit reporting and finally, how to build your credit.

    Host: What is credit?

    Vikki Frank: Credit is the decision of a business to lend you money or have a financial transaction with you. In other words, credit is really creditworthiness. It is your reputation. It is a trait that you own that enables people to know something about how you manage your money, how you interact with others in financial transactions and financial relationships. /STYc~ 89;EIVYZ]dmq"3/4deoz(c)"(r)$'6h6khL%&<=$a$gd,1h/ =!

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