What is good time and how does it work?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales explains what “good time” is and how it can be accrued in the prison system.

    Ed Bales: Hi my name is Ed Bales, I am the Managing Director Federal Prison Consultants, LLC. We are going to talk a little about good time and what that is in the system.

    Host: What is good-time and how does it work?

    Ed Bales: Good time is usually the amount of time given per year to an inmate, so many days, a percentage of time for them not having a problem while they are incarcerated. In the federal system, good time is given at approximately 15% which means a federal inmate must serve 85% of their sentence. Each state has different levels and time frames as to giving good time.