What is Independent Senior Living?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Guay of Emeritus Senior Living will explore independent living or retirement community living arrangements, their benefits and attributes, who they serve, and how they differ. He will also discuss tips on how to evaluate a senior living community when taking a tour.

    Chris Guay: Hello! I'm Chris Guay with Emeritus Senior Living. Today I'm talking about independent living communities and the people who can most benefit from this environment. These accommodations are often called Retirement Communities, offering a safe and social environment for active and independent seniors.

    They're usually setup a small apartments or patio homes and accommodate a large number of people. Often the staff provides specific services and humanities for retirees who live an active lifestyle. If your loved one can still do everything for themselves or enjoy the additional security in living among peers, this is a very good option for them.

    Independent living communities usually have staff members that will provide a minimum amount of supervision; these communities offer a maintenance-free living option, extensive activities, and programs for their residents.

    Residents of independent living communities continue to live the same lifestyle they did at home. One of the many benefits of this type of housing is that the individual no longer has to worry about housekeeping and maintenance, which means they have more time to enjoy their hobbies and socialize with their friends.

    Many studies have proven that being socially active is good for both mental and physical health. The benefits of independent living communities are that they allow a person to maintain independence.

    Often offer meal packages, so residents do not have to worry about cooking or dining alone, offer more social interaction than living at home, provide some supervision from the staff, often arrange activities and outings for the residents.

    If your parent is in good health, can manage medications on their own, and they're sociable, an Independent Living Community may be the right option for them.