What is person?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains what the person is in prayer.

    Host: What is Person?

    Rev. Joseph McCloskey: It could be the father, but I have discovered in my years of being a spiritual director for people that if a person has a bad relationship with their dad, they have really prayed to God as father, and the person could be the son, and the brother, the sibling. If he has a good relationship to the sibling then the son is the reality of the richness of God, where it had been made flesh. But what the question is, my definition is somebody like Christ. When I am inviting people into, in this type of prayer is to be a real Christ. That Christ would give us his life. He would call us into his very being. He would absorb us, in who he is, and if we are created in the image and likeness of God in Christ and rather than loose anything by surrendering to Christ, I am going to find the real name. And that's really is the story of everybody that's on the spiritual journey. They are trying to find their real name. Hence the gift of the person that you are talking to is really the reflection that you are of God. That's you are in discovering. The God has called you to be his child. We talk about ourselves as adopted children of God. But if we see Christ is a real brother and if we find the depths of our relationship to God and Christ. And if we really appreciate that in the luminous of Christ you have the profound and perfect, and total, most total expression of the mystery of God, and that only Christ can human mind find the fullness of the mystery of God. So for the person who is Christian, Christ is the Fountain of Youth, forever be young in our relationship to Christ because he is forever growing. He is calling us into his life, he is nourishing us in his life and he is calling us to be his life. If we really going to live up to being Christian. So I don't know whether I am close to answering your question because if your question is, "How do we know which person to talk to"? I say try to talk to them more before your prayer time is over. The real prayer is the personal relationship what you are saying to one of these. All the other, a briefly of your prayer, all the people, the places, the things, the things which you have to do are all being surrendered to the world of God. And your prayer is opening you to the plan of God for you, so that even as you are close to Christ in your prayer, you are becoming what you see and if you take this to a sense of degree in heaven, we will all have our oneness in Christ. Every person out there for love will be part of the Christ that I need in heaven. It's a mystery. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard just waiting for those who loved the Lord, but prayer is the first installment of us, what we are waiting for? I can't see this Christ without wanting to have bitter closeness to. So what I am trying to say that all of these piece, is that they are really are calling you to a mystical experience of God's life being your life in Jesus Christ. And whatever door you enter by, they'll all bring you to the same person that you will find yourself in Christ. 1