What is postpartum depression?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ann Kellams gives an overview of postpartum depression and how it can affect new mothers.

    Dr. Ann Kellams: Hi, I am Dr. Ann Kellams with the University of Virginia Health System. I am a Pediatrician. We are going to talk about post partum depression. Host: What is post partum depression? Dr. Ann Kellams: Well, post partum depression is a serious, major depressive episode after the baby has been born. It's very normal early on to have ups and downs with mood and even be tearful, the hormones have just completely dropped out from the bottom and there can be a lot of effects of your body getting used to that. Anything that goes on more than a week or two could be post partum depression and we have respond very well to treatment. So we tell moms and their support people that if the blues are lasting more than 7-10 days or at any time the mom is getting to the point where she is not looking forward to anything and she is feeling hopeless and crying all the time or really not even able to do the daily living activities, can't get dressed, can't imagine feeding the baby again or changing the diaper or any thoughts of suicidality that, that she seek help.