What is relationship chemistry?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating and relationship coach Toni Coleman discusses how to know if your relationship has keeper chemistry, including what relationship chemistry is.

    Host: What is relationship chemistry?

    Toni Coleman: Relationship chemistry essentially consists of three different elements. There is a physical attraction that is what initially draws us to another person and then there is the friendship or what Kahlil Gibran called the spiritual affinity. It's that being able to relate to each other and being able to feel as though you are in the same place and you see the world in the same way and you can just connect with each other without too much work. Then the third part of that would be an intellectual kind of chemistry where you are able to challenge each other and stimulate each other intellectually and it's never boring and those are really essentially the three different parts of relationship chemistry and for some people one or another will be sort of the prominent one, but essentially, those three need to be present if you are going to have the right mix and if you don't have all three present, then it could create a problem.