What is swaddling?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ann Kellams explains what swaddling is and how it keeps babies calm.

    Host: What is swaddling?

    Dr. Ann Kellams: So swaddling is a good tool for new parents to know and it basically, is think of it as recreating the womb. So the babies have been all tucked up inside in this very warm place, they don't have a lot of control over their arms and legs and once they start wiggling around when they are frantic and crying, they don't know how to stop them. So swaddling is a nice way with a snug blanket that's well below the head. So not risk for suffocation, but a nice way to get their arms and legs and for them to feel very warm and snug and it can be very calming and soothing for babies.