What is the appropriate way to accelerate?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses the appropriate way to accelerate.

    Host: What is the appropriate way to accelerate? David Rizzo: Nice and easy, nice and easy does it. In other words you never ever want to stop on the accelerator. You should drive as if you have an egg placed underneath you gas paddle. If you stop on it the egg breaks, you get yolk on your floor mats. You want to take it easy. Couple of reasons.

    First of all in older cars they have an accelerator pump on the Carburetor and it squirts an extra bullets of gasoline into their Carburetor, it just sucks it right up. On newer car it's meted a little better but still you are wasting up all that energy to overcome inertia at that standing stop, whereas if you sneak up on your speed gradually, you save a lot more gas. So you want to keep it nice and smooth, no herky-jerky driving, save it. Save that speed elsewhere.