What is the Belt Voice?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Voice Instructor Jennifer Rutherford explains how to achieve the belt voice while singing.

    Host: What is the belt voice?

    Jennifer Rutherford: Well, it is probably best described as a really full speaking voice with some pitch added. It is a very open throated quality, using a lot of air from the belt that's how they have come up with the terminology Belt voice. You dont want to yell when you do this. It's like speaking in a crowded room, you have to communicate to someone on the other side of the room and it is kind of that bringing it down from the abdominal area quality that you want to use. Good now that's basically how you would sing a belt style of singing rather than -- which is more operatic and everybody will look at you funny if you are trying to do a pop song that way right? So the issue with this though is when you get up to the higher notes. High notes make them work. Because when are doing Opera, voice goes right up into the head and it is no problem when you are doing a high note. You always want to make sure that you are using that open throat especially when you are doing the higher note. Never strive for those high notes, never try to reach up and stretch the throat. It actually has the effect of making a larynx unable to stretch down and get those higher notes. So you want to make sure your throat is very open and full and then project from below. Let's try that now, good.