What is the best parenting schedule for parents who live separately?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Family-law attorney John Spiegel discusses the importance of flexibility and thoughtfulness when deciding on a parenting schedule for parents who live separately.

    Host: What is the best parenting schedule for parents who live separately?

    John Spiegel: That is a question that parents always are wondering about at the time of separation and afterwards and the answer is that the researches give us is that there is no one parenting plan that is going to be right for every family. It depends on the specific situation of the parents and of the children. So, when you make a parenting plan, a two household time sharing arrangement in other words, you will have to take into account the parents availability, the childrens activities and schedules, the childrens ages and their emotional needs.

    Flexibility and thoughtfulness is the key in implementing it. Whatever schedule is worked out, there are going to be special times when it is appropriate to make changes and if parents can keep that line of communication open, remember that the parent who on one day ask the other parent to make a change, to make an adjustment, well the shoe could be on the other foot the very next day of the next week. So, if parents will be kind to each other and be flexible and keep the children at the center of there focus, they can do great things in there co-parenting relationship.