What is the best way to choose a business school?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses the best way to choose a business school.

    David Petersam: Hi, I am David Petersam. I am the President of Admissions Consultants and now we are going to talk about the process of selecting a business school. Host: What is the best way to choose a business school?

    David Petersam: By all means, consider a good starting point such as a rankings guide or some other type of secondary research. But please, please, please, do yourself a favor and do the primary research. You want to talk to students, you want to talk to alumni, you want to visit the campus as often as possible. You don't want to rely on what someone else is telling you about that school, you want to come to your own conclusion. A lot of what you are going to read is going to be subjective and someone may think the school is a little bit too cut-throat or a little bit too touchy, feely and you may disagree with that. If you visit the school, you are going to get a much better feel for what you are getting into and again, kick the tyres around, talk to some faculty, try to talk someone from the admissions office, understand sometimes, there maybe a little bit of a sales job there so you want to filter that out. But again, the best way to do this is the primary research. You don't want to trust other people's opinions, you should come to your own conclusion.