What is the best way to choose a wedding cake?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including how to choose a wedding cake.

    Host: What is the best way to choose a wedding cake?

    Christina Taylor: Best way to choose a wedding cake is really to go to the tastings. All the cake facilities will offer a tasting and it is usually free and you can go around from place to place depending on there calender and taste their cake. The reason I say that's the best way to do it is that they will give you pricing sheets when you go there and you can taste the quality of their cake whether it is moist, fresh, if you like the flavor that they offer and you can also negotiate with them based on the prices later. You can collect the pricing sheet from each cake facility that you have been to. See how they compare to each other, how much they are charging you per person for each slice and then later you can say that this is what you are looking to spend can they do that price for you? Another way to save money on a cake actually is to ask them if they can do a smaller actual show wedding cake which goes out on the floor for all your guest to see for the cake cutting and then do some sheet cake for the back and what will happen is when the cake is delivered your very small show cake will be out on the floor that's what everyone will see, everyone will take pictures of and when you do a cake cutting it will be in that those pictures and then everyone will also then receive a piece from the back which would be a sheet cake that would be cut up by the specialty staff that you are at and served to the guests. That way it is not such a huge cake that is decorated so nicely out on the floor. 1