What is the best way to keep a budget?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial expert Kandance Beamon explains the best way to keep a budget by finding what is most convenient for you.

    Speaker: What is the best way to keep a budget?

    Kandance Beamon: The best way to keep a budget is really what is most convenient for you. We like to tell people that the budget should always be written down. But now, a lot of people are keeping their budget electronically. So they are going into the computer and setting up an Excel Spreadsheet with all of their expenses in every month, they go in and they plug in the numbers. More people are using online banking now. So they are using that as a way to track where the money is going, what the money was being spent on and tracking their expenses that way. So when you put in together -- when you are recording your budget, you are looking at, it can't be done on paper, because there are some great paper budgets out there that you can use or you can set it up on an Excel Spreadsheet where every month you go in and you can look at, you plug in all your numbers and the great thing about doing it in an Excel Spreadsheet though is that you can compare it from month to month. So at the end of the year, you can see those areas where you have spent the most money and maybe one of your New Year's resolutions can be, next year I am not going to spend as much money or in clothing as I did the previous year.