What is the best way to provide alcoholic beverages to guests?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including what’s the best way to provide alcoholic beverages to guests.

    Host: What is the best way to provide alcoholic beverages to guest?

    Christina Taylor: This is another interesting tricky question and this is something that you really have to know your guest well. I have had people who say, Oh, my guests are not big heavy drinkers and they have had a huge bar brawl at the end of the night. I have had guests who say, My guests dont drink at all and they have had a another huge bar brawl at the end of night. So being aware of your guest and their habits is very important. Usually what I would say is that a per drink on consumption bar is the best way to go because you are only charged for the drinks that are served at the event. However if you have a very heavy drinking crowd then you definitely want to go with the per person charge because you are secure in that every single person is only going to cost you a certain amount of money no matter how much they drink. So being aware of what your guest are going to be consuming is really important. Another myth actually I found is that going with just a beer and wine bar really doesnt save you much money in the end when you take out the cocktails and the reason for that is that a lot of times I guess beer and wine can be consumed at a heavier pace than a cocktail and when you think about it, the price per drink is about the same and so if you mix in cocktail it really doesnt make that much of a difference to cut off the cocktails in the bar. So if you are going for alcohol really you can go with a full fledge bar just be aware of the way you are been charged for it and the way your guest consume it.