What is the difference between a flower shop and a wedding specialist?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses the difference between a floral shop and a wedding specialist.

    Gerry Rogers: My name is Gerry and I am with Petal's Edge Floral Design in Alexandria, Virginia and we are talking today about how to choose the right flowers for you wedding and this next series of questions that I am going to answer is related to flower shops and Wedding specialists.

    Host: What is the difference between a floral shop and a wedding specialist?

    Gerry Rogers: The wedding industry and florists in particular have diversified a great deal. Most people are familiar with your traditional flower shop, the store that might be on the corner, near your home or not far from your home or the Floral Department in your grocery store for example. Those are more traditionally what you might term a flower shop, they have flowers. On the other hand there are lot of florists that are specialized and only do weddings and events and so that is one of the biggest things to be aware of in terms of choosing a florist for your wedding. These different kinds of florists will be able to serve your needs in different ways and provide different services.