What is the Fast Track method?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Parenting educator Dr. Rene Hackney talks about the fast track method.

    Rene Hackney

    Originally a full-time preschool teacher, Dr. Rene Hackney now holds a Master?s in school psychology and a PhD. in developmental psychology from George Mason University. She trained at the Developmental Clinic at Children?s National Medical Center and for the public schools, teaching in parenting programs at each. She has also acted as a consultant to several area preschools.

    For the last four years, Dr. Hackney has owned and lectured for Parenting Playgroups, Inc, a parenting resource center and preschool classroom in Alexandria Virginia. She has offered workshops to a wide

    range of parent, teacher and social work groups during this time.

    Workshop topics include eight hours on positive discipline techniques, five hours on early academic issues and common issues such as sibling rivalry and potty training. All workshops provide well researched lecture, in-class practice and open discussion time. Additionally she hosts a monthly parenting focused book club and fun play programs to introduce the preschool setting to young families.

    Dr. Hackney is married and has two young children of her own.

    Host: What is the Fast Track method?

    Rene Hackney: The Fast Track method is an approach to potty training that you do all in one day and you get the child really excited about going potty. So, the day that you decide to potty train, when the child first wakes up you give them about a cup of liquid with breakfast and throughout the day you continue to give them a lot to drink. So, that they have to go to the potty every fifteen to twenty minutes.

    The idea is that you are going to catch some success. You encourage them to sit on the potty ten minutes, off the potty five, on the potty ten minutes, off the potty five until they have some success and then you lessen it to be having to sit on the potty just five minutes and off ten. You continue to do this throughout the day and you really encourage the child and cheer them on that this is such an exciting thing.

    This method also encourages having the child teach the baby how to potty train. So, you buy a Dollar Store doll baby and fill it with water and you squeeze the baby over the potty and then the child squeezes the baby over the potty. Something else that is suggested by the fast track method is that when the child does have an accident, let us say they have an accident in the play room, that after they are cleaned up, after they are dressed you take the child back to wherever they had the accident and you say, Okay, now what s the thing to do if you feel that sensation in your tummy? Run to the potty, get undressed and go. So, from wherever they had that accident, they run to the potty, get undressed and sit, hopefully teaching them that when they feel that again, they need to run to the potty.