What is the fourth trap?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses dating and sex, including what the fourth trap is women fall into when it comes to sex.

    Host: What is the fourth trap?

    Gloria Macdonald: The fourth trap that we see so many women falling into is the trap of dating stringers. A stringer is that man who maybe tells you right upfront he is not looking for a serious relationship but you think you are the one who is going to change him or how are other ways you recognize a stringer? He might be married and you are having an affair with him or maybe he has been separated for ten years and for some reason or other he is just not finalizing that divorce. But we as women get so sucked into these things because we believe that somehow or other we are different, our relationship with this man is different and he is going to commit to us, he is going to fall madly in love with us and we are going to be the woman of his dream. We think we can change him. Anytime you go into any relationship thinking you are going to change the other person, you are usually in for some serious let downs and as women, we get so emotionally involved in these things and we end up hurting ourselves then we get mad at the man. How can we be mad at the man when all the signs were right there? This man might be 55, never been married, confirmed bachelor and tells us so or we go into it knowing full well he is married and still living with his wife or we go into it knowing he has been separated for ten years and he had a series of relationships and for some reason he has never got into divorce. We almost always know upfront that this man is a stringer, he is going to string us along and then we get mad at him because we have allowed ourselves to fall into a trap that frankly, we have created. So, do yourself a favor, stay away from stringers you are not going to change him.