What is the problem with probate?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Estate Expert William Conway discusses the problem with probate.

    Host: What is the problem with probate?

    William Conway: The problem with probate as I mentioned a moment ago is that first of all, it is public. Most people especially in this environment of trying to keep our affairs more private because of such things as identity thefts and other concerns are interested in avoiding any unnecessary information about themselves or more importantly information going out of that others as to whom he is receiving property and on what terms and conditions. The public nature of probate allows anybody to be able to go to a courthouse, discover to whom the property is going and be able to determine the amount and nature of the property received. For most of us in this day and age that is information that is just a little too much information being transferred out. Probably, it is also time consuming, probably it has a lot of Ts to cross and Is to dot. There are a lot of filings that have been made to courthouse and because of that it is not only time consuming but it is also more expensive than avoiding probate.