What is the role of a prison consultant or expert?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales discusses the role of a prison consultant from sentencing to incarceration.

    Ed Bales

    Ed Bales is the Managing Director of Federal Prison Consultants, LLC. He has 25 years of related experience. He was a Practice Administrator for a law practice for many years and has developed cutting edge strategies to assist Defendants, Inmates and Attorneys with pre and post sentencing strategies and Federal and State prison advocacy. He has been featured on National and International Broadcasts for both Television and Radio. He is also referenced in several books and Nationally based newspapers as a noted Prison Expert.


    Federal Prison Consultants, LLC is a full service Federal and State prison and sentencing consulting and advocacy firm. The combined experience on staff contains over 200 years of Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Psychological and Advocate experience.

    Host: What is the role of a prison consultant or expert?

    Ed Bales: A prison consultant usually advises his defendant, on what are prisons like. That is one role of a prison consultant. More important roles of a prison consultant to help the defendant, his family and even his criminal defense attorney. Come up with strategies as to what prison facilities he or she may go to. What medical treatment maybe be better at a facility or not. What security levels, which is very important, to someone who is facing incarceration, as well as what programs maybe available, that may reduce someones sentence. Also prison consultant then puts forth reports to the judge, the sentencing judge that is going to put you in the prison system and give and make recommendations to that sentencing judge, which can be facilitated to the prison system.