What is the Russel 2000 Index?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial Advisor David John Marotta explains the Russel 2000 index.

    David John Marotta

    David John Marotta is the President of Marotta Wealth Management, a fee-only financial planning and asset management firm in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is an oft-quoted writer and speaker on financial matters and his weekly financial column can be found at www.eMarotta.com

    Host: What is the Russell 2000 Index?

    David Marotta: The Russell 2000 is the 2000 companies that come after the Russell 1000. So, together they are sometimes called the Russell 3000 but the 2000 is mostly small cap stocks. So, the Russell 2000 is an index that measures what small caps stocks are doing and it is more volatile then the S&P 500 but it also ends up producing better returns.