What is the “Serial Monogamist Group” of women?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses the categories of dating women, including the “serial monogamist” group.

    Speaker: What is the 'Serial Monogamist Group' of women?

    Gloria MacDonald: The fifth group is what I call the 'Serial Monogamist Group'. These are women of all ages. They could be 37-years-old, 47-years-old, 57-years-old, 67, 77, it does not matter. These are women who frankly have no trouble finding man. They know how to find man and they know how to date, but they do not know how to be in a relationship. There is big difference between dating and being able to be in a committed long-term relationship, whether it is marriage or a monogamist relationship. So they are not having multiple men at the same time, they are monogamist, but they have a series of short-term relationships, usually they do not last more than a year or two and frankly a two year relationship is usually a pretty lengthy relationship for a serial monogamist. So there are different things that are going on for these women. Again they know how to find a man, but they have not mastered the art of relationship and relationships really truly are an art. There is something usually that is triggered in these women that makes them flea. We all have a fight or flight instinct in us and with these women it is usually a flight instinct. So the other challenge with the serial monogamist is that they know how to meet man, but they constantly meet and date the same man over and over again.

    These are not healthy relationships; but there is the pattern there and it is a sub-conscious pattern and they keep finding the same man over and over again. They are attracted to that same man because it is what they know, it is what they are comfortable with, even if it is not healthy and it is not good. So we do have in our book 'Laws of the Jungle: Dating for Women Over 4,0' a law of the jungle for these women.

    It is, 'if you are serial monogamist and want a fighting chance of keeping a man, you may have to do some serious self reflection and analysis and figure out what is going on. You may have to get some professional help.