What is the “Single Moms Group” of women?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses the categories of dating women, including the “single moms” group.

    Speaker: What is the 'Single Moms Group' of women?

    Gloria MacDonald: The second category of women is what I call the Single Moms Group. This is generally speaking, women who are in their late 30s to say, mid to late 40s. They still have kids 14-years-old and under where they are really -- the kids are really still relying on that mom for lots of care and attention and time. These women are usually stretched to the max. Very often, they have got their kids pretty much fulltime, maybe the kids are with their dad one night a week and every other weekend. They are driving their kids here and there from soccer practice, to baseball games, to belly lessons, to piano lessons; to hockey practice and they generally are working fulltime. Some of these women are actually going back to school to get a graduate degree and they are just stretched and it is very difficult for them to get out there and start dating and then you also have to think about blending families, what kind of man is going to fit in with the children. The Brady Bunch, the TV Show made it all look so easy, Paul and Carol could date, they each had three kids and life was wonderful except for a little hiccup here and there. Would not it be nice if life was as simple and easy as the Brady Bunch? Sometimes it is, but very often it is not. So for these women, it is really quite a challenge to get or it can be really quite a challenge to get out there and start dating again. They really have to take a serious look at whether or not they do have the time and energy and emotional availability to start dating or if they need to put it off awhile until their kids are a bit older.