What is the supplement to the common application?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    College counselor Jerome A. Cole, MA explains the supplement to the common application.

    Speaker: What is the supplement to the common application?

    Jerome Cole: I previously talked about the common application and I said that is accepted by multiple colleges. The supplement is an addendum. It's an extra component to this application that individual schools will have. So for example, School X will have a supplement asking for students to do X, Y, and Z; another school will have a supplement asking for two or three different things. Basically, the purpose of the supplement is to provide additional information for college to assess a student. So, the thing what the supplement is; you have to be very, very careful that when you complete the right supplement for the right school and you don't get them mixed up. It's very easy because it's done online to send-off a supplement for one particular school that was actually intended for another. I actually had a student come in and share that with me that they recently send-off the wrong supplement to the wrong school and so in that case you want to notify school immediately that in fact the supplement that you sent was not intended for them; that it was sent to another school. So, that's a common -- I don't want to say a common error, but it is an error that sometimes students make so when you are working with that addendum or supplement. You want to be careful that you follow the instructions and that you send it to the school that is intended for.