What is waitlisting?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses the waitlist process and the reapplication process.

    David Petersam: Hi, I am David Petersam. I am the President of Admissions Consultants and now we are going to talk about the waitlist process and the reapplication process. Host: What is waitlisting?

    David Petersam: Waitlisting occurs when admissions committee comes across an applicant that they really like. However, they just don't have enough spots in their class for that applicant. So what they are going to do is create a waitlist and they are going to add that applicant to that waitlist. If later, they don't get the yield that they were expecting and yield is simply a matter of the number of offers they make divided by the number of people that accept that offer, then they will take people off the waitlist. Another thing that can happen is that someone commits to the school and then after they send their non-refundable deposit, they change their mind. Again, when that happens, the school has a waitlist they can fall back to. They want to make sure they fill their class and having that waitlist is going to help them manage that and not let any good applicant slip by.